YouLess Application for OS-X

The YouLess is a device to track your domestic energy consumption.

It is supplied by a company with the same name. Have a look at their website:

The YouLess Monitor for OS-X is an application for your Apple Mac to display your current energy consumption using a gauge meter.

Besides a regular resizable “floating on top” window, it also displays the gauge in the Dock icon. 


  1. Compatible with Mac OS-X 10.7 and higher

  2. Supports YouLess LS-110 ans LS-120 device

  3. Displays actual power consumption

  4. Displays how much power is returned (LS-120 only)

  5. Can be used to display solar power production performance as well

  6. Uses dynamic Dock icon

  7. Password support

  8. Option to keep the window always on top

  9. Set the window transparency

  10. Adjust the font size of the Dock icon

  11. It’s FREE!!!

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